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Feature: 10 Million Names Project restores African American family histories

To mark Juneteenth, ABC News' Linsey Davis shows how the 10 Million Names project has worked to help the descendants of enslaved people trace their ancestry, something many never discover. Dr. Kendra Field and Dr. Kerri Greenidge of the “10 Million Names Project” discuss its important mission to connect descendants of enslaved Americans with their own history.

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Linsey Davis, Kendra Field and Kerri Greenidge

NBC Chicago Channel 5

10 Million Names is a collaborative organization working to help African Americans learn more about their genealogy and family history. NBC Chicago’s Evrod Cassimy reports.

NBC Chicago Channel 5 logo

Video: Linsey Davis uncovers family story of enslavement to empowerment

ABC News’ Linsey Davis goes on a journey, uncovering her family’s history, as part of a partnership with 10 Million Names, and how it connects with the long fight for voting rights in America.

Linsey Davis holding up a record

Family Tree Podcast from Family Tree Magazine

Researching enslaved ancestors can be a challenge. Fortunately, American Ancestors is working hard to recover the names of the millions of people who where enslaved in the United States via the 10 Million Names Project. In this episode, professional genealogist and Director of Research Services Lindsay Fulton speaks about the 10 Million Names Project, its purpose, and how you can get involved.

Family tree

iHeartRadio: New England Weekend Podcast

President and CEO Ryan Woods talks with WBZ's Nichole Davis about the importance of this work, how they're tracking down those whose names have been lost to history, and what you can do to help.

New England Weekend iHeartRadio

A Boston-based group is trying to track down the names of everyone who was ever enslaved in the U.S. American Ancestors' newest initiative, 10 Million Names, combines the work of historians and genealogists to bring the past to the present. logo

GBH's Under the Radar with Callie Crossley

10 Million Names chief historian Dr. Kendra Field and Founding Director Richard Cellini were interviewed in the latest episode of GBH's Under the Radar with Callie Crossley.

Under the Radar GBH News

Listen to Rare Audio From Formerly Enslaved People

ABC News Correspondent Alex Presha sat down with 10 Million Names historians Dr. Kendra Field and Dr. Vincent Brown to discuss the impact of first-hand accounts, exploring the legacy of slavery through rare and historic audio interviews with formerly enslaved individuals that were recorded in the 1940s and ’70s.

Alex Presha, Kendra Field, and Vincent Brown

13 News Now ABC Virginia

Don't miss the new feature documentary "Roots Recovered: Reclaiming Our Names," produced in partnership with the 10 Million Names Project. It's a challenging genealogical journey to recover the names of enslaved ancestors. A growing number of African Americans are up to the task.

13 News Now ABC logo

Action News 5 Memphis

Kelli Cook interviews Dr. Kerri Greenidge, Historian and associate professor at Tuft University and member of the 10 Million Names advisory board, about the importance of this groundbreaking project.

Action News 5

WXYZ Detroit

Members of the Fred Hart Williams Genealogical Society (FHWGS) in Ypsilanti are working to uncover their family history. The 10 Million Names Project is working to make research like this possible for more Black Americans than ever before.

7 ABC WXYZ Detroit logo

National Geographic

In this interview, Kendra Field and Richard Cellini discuss how the research of 10 Million Names and use of new innovations in AI technology can help Black Americans uncover lost information about their family legacies.

National Geographic

Good Morning America Visits Shankleville, Texas

Inspired by the work of 10 Million Names, co-anchor of Good Morning America Michael Strahan pays a visit to Shankleville, a freedom colony in East Texas founded by his ancestors.

Good Morning America

All Things Considered on GBH

Dr. Kendra Taira Field speaks with guest host Craig LeMoult about the mission of 10 Million Names, and how the project will help millions of African Americans connect to their family histories.

All Things Considered

Politics Nation on MSNBC

10 Million Names historian Dr. Kendra Taira Field was a guest on Reverend Al Sharpton's MSNBC show "Politics Nation" last Saturday, where she shared important observations African American family history and the 10 Million Names Project.

Politics Nation with Al Sharpton

10 Million Names Project Digs Into History of Black Families. A leading online platform for Black cultural and business news covers 10 Million Names and its mission.

Good Morning America

10 Million Names debuted to 3 million viewers around the US on August 2 when this piece ran on Good Morning America, the nation’s most-watched morning news show.

Good Morning America

Alabama’s most visited online news site,, highlights 10 Million Names and the more than 250 family history sessions that took place at the National Association of Black Journalists in early August 2023.

Tufts Now

Read a profile of 10 Million Names Chief Historian Dr. Kendra Taira Field on Tufts Now, the Tufts University’s daily news platform.

Kendra Taira Field

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